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changing in update schedule!

Hey Everyone! 

A few updates - first of all, my apologies for missing the updates on Wednesday and Friday of last week! My wisdom tooth extraction went pretty good, but my schedule was still very busy, and thus the updates didn't get done. :( Which leads to the point of this blog post: I'm changing the update schedule for Riverwake!

While thrice-a-week was a lot of fun, it was also while I was searching for a day job, and had an intense amount of free time... well, the good newis that I now have said day job (yay!!), the bad news is that I'm now working and suddenly find myself with ~30 hours less a week. Whoops! Earlier the plan was to wait until chapter one was completely done, but there's no way that's gonna happen with my current schedule. 

At the moment, I'm gonna drop down to once a week - on Mondays at 6 AM EST.  I know that's a bit of a jump from thrice, but I'd rather consistently get the update out for y'all, instead of trying to juggle twice and missing updates here and there. The plus side is that updates now may occassionally be longer (aka 2+ pages) if I have the time! I'm still super new to running a comic, so please pardon my dust during this transition period.

Secondly - have you followed the official Riverwake twitter, @riverwakecomic ?? If not, you really should consider it, as that's where I'm gonna be posting WIPs and doodles! You can also follow my main twitter, @mementocatlady, if you want to hear me... whine about the weather a lot I guess.

Thanks much!!! 

by morieclark

characters page + update schedule?

Hey everyone - if you direct your attention to the top right of this page, you will see that there's now a character's tab! It's like this is an official webcomic now, or something like that. Don't worry about the middle guy, btw - he'll be introduced sometime next week.

Also, a quick note - with the combo of the seasons, and having resumed with having a day job, I might be dropping my update schedule down to twice a week after we finish chapter one... we'll see how it goes in the coming weeks. Chapter One's end is looking to be close to the end of this month, so just a heads up! If you have any dates that you'd prefer updates on, let me know, as I haven't decided on anything yet in regards to that. 

Yee haw.


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Hey everyone, just a quick note - I've decided on trying a M-W-F update schedule for now! I was initially going to do, uh, every....single day... but that's kinda danger zone and not sustainable, really! 

If you're enjoying Riverwake so far, please let me know in the comments or in tweets (@riverwakecomic on twitter) - I'd super appreciate it! :) I promise it'll not be nighttime forever, ahaha.

See y'all monday~!


by morieclark

redo anew

hey everyone! long time no see?

for those of y'all who are new - welcome! my name's morie, and im an illustrator who is making a very clumsy first step into comics. i have a cat named ruthie, and that's basically all you need to know for now! 

for those of y'all from tumblr askblog land... i hope this telling of lowan's story is at least, as good as the first time around! i promise it'll be infinitely easier to peruse through, and involve much less clones?